Building Your Marketo Mansion with Workspaces


Building a Marketo database and infrastructure that meets a growing global organization’s unique business needs can be a daunting task. Use cases vary from needing a completely separate funnel for a different product line to partitioning high value target accounts away from the rest of your database.

With the segmenting power of workspaces and lead partitions, businesses will no longer be haunted by the prospect of hitting the wrong person (or thousands of persons!) with the wrong message.

In this recording, New Relic’s Marketing Automation Specialist, Kristen Malkovich, and our own Product Marketing Manager, Brian Glover, will dive into:

  • The differences between workspaces and lead partitions
  • When to use one or the other, and how to use them together
  • 3 real life use cases for how to apply Workspaces & Lead Partitions
  • The benefits for team productivity, internal privacy, database governance and reporting
  • Much more!

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