Creating Customized Buyer Journeys with AI and Data


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1:1 B2B marketing and sales is a strategy focusing on targeted marketing initiatives and messaging to your audience. AI, data and digital are the foundation for creating personalized buyer journeys and engaging prospects and customers with relevant and insightful content.

Watch our speakers from Lattice Engines, Informatica, nFusz and ion interactive to learn how to use AI, data and digital technologies to engage with relevance and create personalized content at scale. Informatica will also show how they transformed their marketing with AI and data to deliver customized buyer journeys at scale to achieve a 2x increase in effectiveness while reducing cost per qualified lead by 54%.

You'll get to watch:

  • Israel Pagan, Sr. Marketing Manager, ion interactive
  • Denise Chaisson, VP of Enterprise Sales, nFusz
  • Alan Anderson, Technical Sales Coordinator, nFusz
  • Nipul Chokshi, VP Marketing, Lattice Engines
  • Adrian Chang, Sr. Director, Digital Marketing and Buyer’s Journey, Informatica

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