Definitive Guide to Engaging Email Webinar Series (Part 2): Driving Relevant, Strategic Conversations with Marketing Automation


Despite persistent rumors that email is dead, research shows that email is still the most preferred method of communication. Clearly, email is not dead - but it is evolving. In order to stay effective, marketers must evolve along with it.

Watch the second part of a two-part series on engaging email marketing! You will discover best practices for making your email campaigns more personal and relevant. The series, led by industry experts Jon Miller and DJ Waldow, will address email marketing best practices and will provide useful strategies to make your emails more engaging and more effective!

Part Two of this exciting webinar series will show you:

  • How to build and maintain quality lists
  • New metrics for email
  • How to hold multi-channel conversations, not campaigns
  • Trends in email technology: moving beyond ESP

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