Engage and Convert: The New Rules for Success in Digital Advertising


Spending on digital ads is forecast to exceed £100 billion this year as marketers shift more of their budgets online – but despite this investment, the skills, knowledge, and technology on which they rely are often insufficiently developed.

How do you make the most of your digital advertising investment and ensure it delivers?

Join Ray Coppinger, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Marketo, and Adam Levinson, Customer Success Manager at Optimizely, as they explore the state of digital advertising, identify the building blocks of a successful strategy, and outline how a culture of optimisation is critical to digital advertising success.

This discussion will help you understand:

  • The current state of digital advertising and how to create the right strategy
  • Best practices for ad design, pricing, testing and measurement
  • How to get the most from your ad spend with rigorous testing and optimisation

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