Engagement Marketing – Build Brand Awareness, Earn Trust and Grow Loyalty


Marketers know that new technology has allowed customers to self-educate about brands and products – but how do firms engage in a meaningful way with digitally-savvy individuals? 

How do brands use engagement to increase conversation rates and revenue at the same time as building trust and loyalty?

Join Ray Coppinger (Marketo), Merinda Peppard (HootSuite), Riaz Kanani (Profusion) and Oliver Luft (The Marketer) in this on-demand webinar to discover how brands can be strategic and adopt a multi-channel approach without turning prospects off.

This discussion will help you understand:

  • How to build trust and relevance through two-way communication
  • What a good multi-channel approach looks like
  • How to keep the conversation going beyond a sale


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