What's Left in The Cookie Jar? - EU & US ePrivacy Laws Webinar


ePrivacy, What you need to know!

Many companies use cookies or similar technologies in marketing efforts to track website visitors, personalise content, track leads and ultimately sell more products and services. However amendments to European and US law are changing how companies are allowed to collect and use information from their web page visitors. Specifically the legislation relates to how you use cookies or similar technologies to store and access information on users' equipment, such as their computer or mobile device.

These changes have the potential to impact marketing operations.

Why not learn more about this hot topic from the experts? Duncan Smith, CEO of iCompli and Josh Aberant, Director of Privacy at Marketo will walk you through the ins and outs. Learn about

  • EU and US ePrivacy legislation - what's current? what's coming?
  • How businesses, technology companies, end-users and governments are reacting
  • Top 5 things EU marketers need to know to be prepared
  • Top 5 things US marketers need to know to do business with EU citizens
  • Top 3 ways EU and US consumers can protect their privacy & data

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