Full Funnel Account-Based Marketing


Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is all about focus - it's about you focusing your marketing efforts to reach out, engage, and convert the accounts that are most likely to generate revenue or have other strategic importance.

With laser-focused accuracy, ABM drives key accounts through the sales funnel at full-throttle, and helps close deals lickety-split. Join Marketo’s resident ABM experts, Mike Telem and David Myers, to find out how to implement ABM strategy and technology to engage key targeted accounts across all marketing touch points and boost your marketing ROI!

You'll learn about the incredible possibilities with ABM, including how to:

  • Reach key target accounts across all channels (ads, web, email, and mobile)
  • Engage individual accounts with personalized messages and content
  • Target the main stakeholders within your key accounts
  • Help sales teams drive the deals they're after

Discover how to excel at account-based marketing and quickly convert high-yield target accounts into customers.

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