How To Use Social Lead Targeting So You Find The Right Buyers


How effective is your lead targeting? Today’s buyer is sharing their interests and activity online more openly than ever before. Imagine if you could capture and distill this information, then use it to target the right buyers based on their online presence and your ideal buyer profile.  Join us for this eye-opening webinar that will explore how big data solutions can crunch your buyer’s data and how marketers can leverage these insights through social lead targeting.  

Hear Richard Park, Director of Sales Operations at Jive Software and Ran Gishri, VP Marketing at Leadspace, discuss how to bring the power of social to your lead targeting.

You will learn:

  • What social lead targeting is
  • How social lead targeting is different from normal lead targeting
  • How Leadspace’s social targeting solution is driving business results for Jive Software
  • How social lead targeting and marketing automation work together

This webinar is part of the LaunchPoint Partner webinar series where Marketo and its partners feature a joint customer to share their experiences in using Marketo with complimentary marketing solutions to solve marketing challenges and drive revenue. 

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