Predictive Lead Scoring: How to Turn Data into Revenue


"Predictive Analytics" is the buzzword du jour. With so many digital marketing tools, technologies, and channels at our disposal, and the ability to track prospect and customer behavior, we are awash with data to be analyzed in order to predict and drive our marketing efforts. So, how do we cut through the clutter, sift through the hype, and bring the most critical data into focus? Furthermore, how do we put it to use?  

Check out this month's LaunchPoint series webinar to discover how predictive lead scoring will put all of your data to work for you. Learn how the marketing ninjas at SmartBear have used Marketo and Mintigo to build an automated system that targets the right leads with the right messages at the right time.

You will discover how to:

  • Profile your ideal customer so that you can target high-fit leads
  • Score your leads in real-time based on that profile
  • Optimally engage the leads by routing them to the appropriate nurture track or sales reps before even gathering behavioral data


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