Print is Not Dead: The Power of Multi-Channel Marketing


Like many of us, you've probably heard the rumor that print marketing is dead. Well, we think it's time to squash that rumor. 

Adding a print component to digital marketing strengthens your campaigns and increases conversion, retention, and sales. Then, when print and promotional marketing are seamlessly automated, you can transform the customer experience by engaging in a 1:1 dialogue that is memorable, tangible and high-impact. 

Watch this LaunchPoint series webinar to find out how Mathnasium uses PrintingForLess.com and Marketo to automate print marketing as a part of a national, multi-channel campaign to drive brand awareness and membership.

You'll discover how to:

  • Seamlessly automate your print marketing
  • Drive customer engagement and action through a more meaningful channel
  • Increase sales efficacy by making more timely and relevant sales calls

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