Reaching The Social Customer: New Tools, New Strategies


Today’s connected customer listens to the advice of influencers and peers, researches heavily online, and is increasingly controlling the buying cycle. Is your business struggling to identify, cultivate, and leverage this social customer? The age of the passive customer is over and the social customer’s voice is amplified more than ever. They are changing everything you thought you knew about your customer relationships, and your business must have strategies and tools in place to cultivate, aggregate, and leverage this new customer.

Check out this webinar recording and hear from social thought leaders, Jon Miller, Adam Metz and Michael Lazerow as they discuss reaching the social customer, including:

  • New tools and strategies to communicate
  • Why listening to customers is essential
  • Sales intelligence to learn more the customer
  • Engaging and retaining customers
  • Customer-centric vs. customer service?
  • The Use Cases for Social Customer Management

Engaging with your customers is no longer optional; it is expected. Check out these presentation slides today!

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