Steal Their Playbook: What Consumer Marketers Can Learn from B2B


B2B marketers have it easy. Most of the time, they get to talk to every potential customer directly. But how in the world can consumer marketers do that with millions of customers?

In this on-demanad webinar with Director of Product Marketing at Marketo, Matt Zilli, you'll learn the tactics you can steal from B2B marketers that will help you guide your customers through every stage of their lifecycle journey. The result? You'll cement marketing's place as the key growth driver for your company.

In this on-demand webinar, you'll see:

  • How you can measure success with individual consumers and tie those successes to business goals
  • Which tactics consumer marketers can put in place TODAY to personalize the customer experience from beginning to end
  • Which tactics helped Curves International DOUBLE website conversion in 6 months

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