The New Marketing Champ: 5 Steps to Real-Time Account-Based Marketing


Modern marketers are expected to generate revenue and help organizations meet strategic goals. Account-Based Marketing enables marketers to create a broader reach and more marketing-sourced deals within the most critical accounts.

When Panaya faced the challenge of generating more revenue from Fortune 1000 organizations, they leveraged Insightera and Marketo to create a real-time Account-Based Marketing program. With these solutions, Panaya created a full-funnel content stream to attract, engage and convert key accounts.

In this webinar, an all-star lineup will help you discover:

  • What Account-Based Marketing is
  • How you can target desired accounts onsite in real-time
  • Best practices for expanding content reach for a new market
  • Steps to creating an Account-Based Marketing program
  • How to extend your top-of-funnel reach to accelerate customer acquisition

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