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Marketo Certified Expert Exam Preparation

Preparing for the Certified Expert Exam
is your key to success

To help you get ready for the exam, be sure you have completed the tasks below
on your own, in a real-world situation.


You should have hands-on experience with and be able to perform the tasks in each of these content areas. For your reference, we have included links to the appropriate Marketo Docs for each task.


  1. Basic administration and setup
    1. Configure email settings: Email Setup Admin
    2. Know about channels and tags: Set up Program Channels and Tags
    3. Configure fields for data integrity: Block Field Overwrites: Identify which Fields should not Overwrite
    4. Set, create, and edit user roles and assign them to users: Managing User Roles and Permissions
  2. Managing customer data, leads, and lists
    1. Import lists needed for marketing programs
      1. Add yourself as a lead: Understand Static Lists and Smart Lists
      2. Upload a list of leads: Import a List of Leads
      3. Check a lead’s activity: Reviewing Lead Details
      4. What my leads are doing: How to Review the Activity Log
      5. Create a custom view of leads: Custom Tab for Lead Detail
    2. Identify junk data and fix
      1. Learn about merge/de-dupe: Working with Duplicate Leads
      2. Fix junk data with Single Flow Actions
    3. Understand standard system Smart Lists and create Smart Lists to segment leads
      1. Review System Smart Lists: Use Built in System Smart Lists
      2. Build Smart Lists and start segmenting: Create and Change Views for Lists and Smart Lists
    4. Learn how a lead status goes from anonymous to known: Understanding Anonymous Activities and Leads
  3. Asset Design: Images, Forms, Landing Pages and Emails
    1. Upload images and files, or grab them from the web
      1. Upload Images and files
      2. Search for images
      3. Get image URL
    2. Create emails and landing pages
      1. Email basics: Create or Edit an Email
      2. Email deliverability: Set up SPF and DKIM
      3. Create a free-form landing page: Create a Landing Page
      4. Add a social button to a free-form landing page: Social buttons
    3. Build a form with progressive profiling
      1. The basics: Configure Form Progressive Profiling
      2. Hidden fields on forms: Set a Form Field as Hidden
    4. Use tokens in emails
      1. Personalizing emails using tokens
  4. Programs and smart campaigns
    1. Define a folder and naming protocol consistent with Marketo’s best practices
      1. Smart Campaign Checklist
      2. Understanding Smart Campaigns
      3. Rename Marketo Assets
    2. Create a program and assign an appropriate channel and/or tags
      1. Overview of programs: Understanding Programs
      2. Basics on creating a program: Create a Program
      3. Always use the cost tag: Use Tags in a Program
      4. Working with channels: Create a Program Channel
    3. Basics of Marketo Program Campaign flows: basic email, auto response, lead nurture, webinar
      1. Basic campaigns: Create a New Smart Campaign
      2. Nurture leads: Create an Engagement Program
      3. Event management with Marketo: Understanding Event Programs
      4. How to send out an email when a lead fills out a form: Email Auto Response
    4. Cloning Programs
      1. Quick and easy way to scale: Clone a Program
    5. Tokens
      1. Understanding My Tokens: Tokens Overview
      2. Other ways to use tokens: Tokens for Flow StepsTokens for Interesting MomentsAdd Text and Tokens to a Landing Page
      3. Manage my tokens
  5. Scoring and lifecycle
    1. Identify score fields: lead, behavior, demographic
      1. Create Scoring Campaigns: Simple Scoring
      2. Definitive Guide to Lead Scoring
    2. Define Interesting Moments and make campaigns with Sales Insight
      1. What are Interesting Moments?
      2. Using Interesting Moments
      3. Change program status
  6. Reporting
    1. Basic Reporting
    2. Define and differentiate between report types
    3. Use reporting features: subscribe to a reportmanage report subscriptionsfilter leads in a report with a Smart Listadd custom columns
    4. Getting started with analytics
  7. Marketing Calendar
    1. Navigating the Marketing Calendar
    2. View Entry Details
    3. Filtering the Marketing Calendar


You can find additional content to help you prepare in Marketo Nation Community and Marketo University.  We also recommend that you take the practice exam and watch our certification preparation webinar.