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Marketo Certified Expert Exam Topics

The exam measures your knowledge and skills in the areas listed below.

In this ever-changing world of digital marketing, you need a way to connect

Objective Exam Breakdown
Basic Admin and Setup 5%
Managing Customer Data, Leads, and Lists 20%
Asset Design: Images, Forms, Landing Pages, and Emails 15%
Programs and Smart Campaigns 35%
Lead Scoring and Lifecycle 10%
Reporting and Basic Analytics 10%
Marketing Calendar 5%



Detailed Exam Topic List

Basic administration

  • Users and role management
  • Manage and import customer data
  • Enable communication limits
  • Define which data fields are imported and blocked
  • Understand tag management

Leads, Lists and Smart Lists

  • Import lists
  • Monitor lead activity using the activity log, custom views and lead detail pop-up
  • Identify, remove and merge duplicate leads
  • Understand known and anonymous leads
  • Create smart lists, including constraints and filters
  • Differentiate between lists and smart lists
  • Define smart list filters

Asset Design

  • Understand landing page basics
  • Create landing pages
  • Upload, replace and grab images
  • Landing page and template lifecycle
  • Understand form basics
  • Create forms with progressive profiling
  • Understand email basics
  • Create personalized emails

Programs and Smart Campaigns

  • Understand program basics
  • Choose programs with appropriate channel and/or tags
  • Understand lead nurturing and program status
  • Identify when a lead status changes
  • Create and run smart campaigns
  • Monitor program period costs
  • Schedule programs and limit over-messaging
  • Understand the different types of programs available (email, events, engagement, default)
  • Understand the rules of nesting programs
  • Understand the different types of local assets available
  • Identify the difference between local and non-local assets
  • Clone and import programs
  • Smart campaign basics
  • Create and run smart campaigns

Lead Scoring and Life Cycle

  • Set up lead scoring campaigns
  • Know how to run lead life cycle campaigns to track lead velocity

Reporting and Analytics

  • Understand and run standard reports
  • Create and run custom reports
  • Differentiate between standard and custom reports
  • Understand the types of available reports

Marketing Calendar

  • Understand Marketing Calendar views
  • Create and run custom reports