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Specialization Assessment Preparation

Preparing for Specialization assessments is your key to success

To help you get ready for the exam, be sure you have completed the exam topic tasks
on your own, in a real-world situation.

Each Specialization assessment tests your advanced knowledge of specific Marketo topics. Your daily use of Marketo and proven skills as a Marketo Certified Expert help to ready you for the exam. Preparation involves reviewing the topics for each assessment or taking the related courses below.

Related courses

Although not required, half-day Adoption course are available covering many of the Specialization topics. These courses are an excellent way to brush up on assessment topics.

Programs & Campaign Specialist 

  • Building Programs and Campaigns: Learn to automate programs and set them up to report on important program data such as ROI and acquisition. See how to save time by cloning existing programs, using pre-built programs, and creating My Tokens to quickly update variables across a program. 

Nurture & Engagement Specialist

  • Building Engagement Programs: Learn everything you need to get an engagement program up and running, including creating the program, adding content, building streams, and adding people. See how to track the success of your program through the Engagement Program Dashboard, and how to maintain and enhance your programs based on program results. 

Email Deliverability Specialist

  • Optimizing Email Deliverability: Learn how to measure and monitor deliverability, configure key technical settings to authenticate your emails and set up your Marketo instance to ensure people receive only the communications that they want. Discover content design strategies that will increase the likelihood that your audience receives your message, as well as opt-in best practices. 

Creative Assets Specialist

  • Customizing Creative Assets: See how to take your marketing to the next level by creating new design assets that tell your story, and by customizing the assets included in your Marketo instance to meet your specific marketing needs. Gain hands-on experience in customizing colors, buttons, styles, landing pages, emails, and more. 

Analytics Attribution Specialist 

  • Using Attribution Models: Explore Marketo analyzers and how to set up your programs to track and measure first-touch and multi-touch attribution. Learn what data Marketo captures, and gain experience using ad-hoc and custom reports that you can use to report on attribution and make decisions about where to focus your marketing efforts.