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Specialization assessments validate your knowledge in specific areas.

In this ever-changing world of digital marketing, you need a way to connect

Marketo specialization assessments confirm your knowledge and skills in key functional areas of Marketo. Below you’ll find a list of topics covered on each assessment.

Programs & Campaigns Specialist:

  • Select the right Marketo program type
  • Set up accurate period cost reporting by using program tags
  • Build programs and campaigns to automate your marketing and acquisition
  • Clone and re-use programs
  • Create program templates
  • Create My Tokens to automatically update variable content across an entire program 

Nurture & Engagement Specialist:

  • Define the components of an engagement program
  • Create an engagement program that meets your marketing needs
  • Add content to an engagement program stream
  • Set stream cadence
  • Manage content within a stream
  • Add people to an engagement program
  • Track the performance of your program using the Engagement Program Dashboard
  • Maintain and enhance engagement programs

Email Deliverability Specialist:

  • Describe deliverability and how it is measured
  • Understand how to prevent and fix deliverability issues
  • Monitor email deliverability and adjust programs based on results
  • Design your emails with deliverability in mind
  • Increase engagement by using opt-in best practices

Creative Assets Specialist:

  • Create custom email and landing page templates
  • Customize landing pages, template elements, variables, and HTML
  • Customize HTML emails
  • Customize CSS for form text fields, checkboxes, and buttons 

Analytics Attribution Specialist:

  • Describe Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics (RCA) and its role in attribution
  • Explain when to use first-touch vs. multi-touch attribution
  • Set up programs for optimal RCA effectiveness
  • Use Marketo reporting tools and analyzers to drive sales based on attribution